What you should know about the All Global Circle verification process

See how the All Global Circle verification process works and why it’s important for our research clients and panel members.

You’re ready to sign up for the All Global Circle survey panel and make some extra cash. Maybe you heard about it at your clinic, or perhaps a colleague sent you a referral. But you realize that before any surveys can land in your inbox, there’s a verification process you have to complete. Is this worth your time?

Aside from the sign-on bonus you receive with your verification, there are plenty of benefits to having this robust system in place. Let’s pull back the curtain and take a closer look at the verification process and why it matters to you and our research clients.


Why does All Global Circle need the verification process?


At All Global Circle, we promise our clients that we will provide healthcare professionals for their panel surveys. We also make sure we understand each healthcare professional’s expertise and medical background to match them to the proper surveys.

Because we pay cash to take surveys, there will always be individuals trying to join our panel who are not clinicians. These individuals may try to pretend they’re a clinician by using personal information available online. Our verification process blocks these fake accounts.

“All Global Circle is a bridge between our clients, the research companies, and our members,” says Nezir Gonenc, a panel analyst for Kantar, the parent company of All Global Circle. “It’s our responsibility to make sure our clients get accurate responses and opinions from actual medical professionals.”

Ultimately, these survey results can influence medical research and the future of patient care. Our verification process makes sure that fraudulent accounts don’t interfere with this vital work.


How does the verification process work?


When you sign up for All Global Circle, we’ll ask you to create an account with an email and a few personal details. We’ll send a message to this email address with a link that helps you verify your account.

Once you confirm your email, we’ll ask you to input a few more details about your professional background and expertise. This can include the hospital or clinic you currently work at as well as your medical license information. In the United States, this may be your National Provider Identifier (NPI) or American Medical Association (AMA) medical education number.

If our team needs more information to confirm your account, we may ask for photo identification or a copy of a hospital or clinic ID badge. The verification process can take one to 10 days on average.

While we use some technology to verify your information, much of our verification process is done by our panel analysts. That means humans — not machines — make the final decision on whether to verify an account. 

“The final decision is always a human touch,” Gonenc adds. “We’re gathering all the information together and deciding if this person is who they say they are.”


How does verification help panel members?


Verifying your personal information and medical specialty can help make sure you’re offered the right surveys, which ultimately means more money in your account.

For example, many people sign up with All Global Circle and select “other” as their medical specialty. Our verification process can pinpoint your areas of expertise because we can confirm your medical background. Having a specialty area listed ensures our clients include you in their surveys. Otherwise, they may overlook your name because they don’t know if “other” is the right fit for their survey.

“You could miss out on surveys and potential cash if you’re not properly verified,” says Alistair Atzori, marketing assistant for Kantar. “By confirming your specialty area, you can unlock the potential for future offers.”

A robust verification process also ensures no one else is signing up with your personal information and earning money in your place. 

And then there’s the sign-on bonus — you can get up to $50 (or equivalent to your country’s currency) when you provide details that help us verify your account when you sign up for All Global Circle. You’ll get that $50 even if you’re not a candidate for a current survey.


What happens if I’m missing information or the verification doesn’t work?


If you’re missing information or we need additional details to verify your account, our panel analysts will reach out to you personally. Our goal is to get your account verified promptly so you won’t have to wait weeks or months to hear from our team.

“We’re very proactive with our responses and aim to get back to members within a day,” says Bwele Belibi, a Kantar panel analyst. “You can reach out anytime with questions about the verification process, and we’ll be there to help.”

If you forget to upload documents to verify your account, our team will send personal reminders.

“We aim to make the process as personal and pleasant as possible,” Atzori adds.


Sign up for All Global Circle today


At All Global Circle, you can earn extra cash while influencing the future of medical research and patient care. And with a robust verification process, we make sure our clients get accurate data while you get more opportunities to make money.

Sign up today to learn more about the panel and access a sign-on bonus of up to $50 (or equivalent to your country’s currency).

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