How to make sure you qualify for medical panel surveys

Find out what you can do to increase your chances of getting panel offers — so you can make more money.

You did it. You took the chance and registered to become a participant in medical panel surveys (or you’re thinking about joining All Global Circle). But despite the many survey screening questions you answer, you still haven’t qualified to be a participant.

You may be thinking that you check all the boxes to be an ideal candidate for surveys. You’re a healthcare professional. You’re eager to give your professional opinion. You want to help shape the future of healthcare. And, of course, you’re open to making some extra cash. So why wouldn’t you qualify for a survey?

See how to make sure you qualify for medical panel surveys and why the process starts from the very beginning when signing up.


Qualify for surveys through our verification process


When you’re filling out your application to register with a panel platform, it’s important to provide as much information as possible about your areas of expertise. At All Global Circle, our detailed verification process helps us match our research clients with medical professionals who have specific areas of expertise and backgrounds. The answers you initially fill out will appear in your profile once you’re verified. Your answers on your profile help us find surveys that are right for you.

Ultimately, qualifying for a survey depends on the type of participant our research clients want. For example, you may not qualify for a study because our client wants someone with more than 20 years of experience, and you have fewer. Or maybe you’re a cardiologist, but our client is looking for an oncologist.

Being rejected for reasons beyond your control can be frustrating. We get it. But here’s the good news — there are things you can do when you verify your credentials that increase your chances of qualifying for a panel. Below are three tips.


1. List a specialty


Ever been in a situation when choosing “other” was your best possible choice? It happens — and you just might be tempted to make that selection if your specialty isn’t listed among the choices during our validation process. But in this situation, you should think twice. Listing a specialty area instead of “other” helps us know what surveys are just the right fit for you.

Here’s a tip: If you don’t find your specialty among the options to select during the verification process, choose one that’s the closest match. It could be just the edge you need to get more survey offers.


2. Provide credible information


When filling out your application and profile, the more credible information you can provide that’s tied to your medical job, the better. For example, even just using a business email to sign up (instead of a personal email) can get you approved faster and qualified for surveys. Providing credible documents, board certifications, medical licenses and hospital/clinic affiliations makes your profile more robust and helps fit you with the right surveys.

Plus, there’s a sign-on bonus of up to $50 (or the equivalent in your country’s currency) when you provide details that help us verify your account when you sign up for All Global Circle. You’ll get that $50 even if you’re not a candidate for a current survey.


3. Complete all the verification details


You know the old saying, “better to be safe than sorry.” That’s especially true when completing the verification process. Before you press “submit,” it’s always a good idea to double-check that you answered all the questions and uploaded the requested documents. If you forgot to answer a question or upload a document, that may be why you aren’t qualifying for panels.

All Global Circle’s focus is for you to have a stress-free verification process – and get your account validated right away. That’s why we proactively aim to reach out to you within a day of your submission to request missing information or a document. The sooner you get back to us with the missing information, the sooner you can begin qualifying for panels. 


You’re verified — now what?


Once you are verified, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure you receive the most surveys as possible — and start making some extra money. 



1. Stay on top of your inbox


You may meet all the requirements for a survey and qualify overall, but all the slots are filled when you go to join the panel. Even with the wide range of surveys we offer, there still can be limits to the number of participants accepted for each one.

Staying on top of checking email reminders and keeping your notifications on will help you join a panel early so you can be one of the first to nab a spot.


2. Keep checking back


You’ve done everything you could, from listing all your specific expertise and backgrounds to constantly checking the platform for new surveys. The truth is you just might not be right for the panels that are available at the present moment. But don’t despair! New surveys come in every day with many different subjects. What might be a hot topic in Q1 could completely shift to another topic by Q3. So, keep your eyes peeled for the survey that is your perfect match.


Sign up to qualify for medical surveys today


Ultimately, the first step to qualifying for medical panel surveys is to take the plunge and sign up. Once you complete the initial sign up for All Global Circle, you will start qualifying for surveys and earning extra cash.

Sign up today to qualify for surveys and access a sign-on bonus of up to $50 (or the equivalent in your country’s currency).

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