How All Global Circle’s Partner Program helped an optometrist earn $2K

Learn how one busy optometrist partnered with All Global Circle to refer colleagues to the survey panel, earning her $2,000.

A ‘win, win’: How the Partner Program helped one busy optometrist earn $2K


Ashley Harbaugh, OD, is a wife, mom of three and an optometrist. There are virtual school schedules to juggle, childcare to arrange, lunches to make and dinners to plan — all on top of the 50-60 patients who walk into her Walmart clinic each week.

Needless to say, Dr. Harbaugh doesn’t have a lot of free time on her hands.

But despite her hectic schedule and patient load, Dr. Harbaugh was able to make more than $2,000 last year working with the All Global Circle survey panel.

What’s her secret? An organized and easy-to-use referral program.

“It’s as simple as sharing a link on social media and, before you know it, 100 people have clicked on it, signed up, and you have $2,000 in your bank account,” she says.

Finding a good fit for a survey panel


Dr. Harbaugh started doing medical panel surveys when she began her optometry career more than 10 years ago. But in 2019, she decided to sign up for a few more panels. All Global Circle was on her list.


“I thought about how it would be nice to make a little extra money without having to leave home or re-arrange my schedule,” says Dr. Harbaugh, who practices in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. “It was sort of a side hustle, but one that I could do when I had a few extra minutes at home.”


In early 2020, All Global Circle sent Dr. Harbaugh her first survey and the payout “was impressive.”


“All Global Circle seemed to pay better than some of the other surveys I had signed up with in the past,” she adds. “I also noticed that they had a referral program, which paid out $25 for every referral that signed up for the panel.”


Dr. Harbaugh knew many of her optometrist friends were looking for extra income during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, she decided to cash in on the referral bonus and encourage her colleagues to sign up for All Global Circle. And since All Global Circle offers up to $50 (or the equivalent in the member’s currency) as a sign-up bonus, it was a “win, win.”


“Everyone benefits,” Dr. Harbaugh says. “The individual who signs up makes money with the sign-up bonus, I make money with the referral bonus, and the survey organization gets a more robust and diverse pool of panel members.”


Optimizing the referral process with All Global Circle


With All Global Circle’s standard referral process, a member can submit up to three names and email addresses per day. While this setup may work for the average member who only has a few referrals, it wasn’t ideal for Dr. Harbaugh, who had dozens of names to submit.

Although she had set up an organized spreadsheet to manage her referrals, keeping track of which ones she had submitted was time-consuming. She was also limited to three referrals a day, so it took a while to get through her list.

“All Global Circle noticed that I was submitting referrals day after day. So, they reached out to me and asked how they could make the process easier,” Dr. Harbaugh explains. “I shared my struggles and a few ideas and they took that feedback to their team.”

Shortly after their conversation, All Global Circle launched its Partner Program in May 2020. The program supports rockstar recruiters like Dr. Harbaugh by providing unique referral links. In some cases, All Global Circle can also provide marketing and campaign support for its partners.

For Dr. Harbaugh, that means she simply shares her unique link in an email or on one of her optometrist Facebook groups. Then, every referral from that link translates into $25, which All Global Circle deposits directly into her AGC account, which she can then transfer via PayPal to her personal banking account.

“Being a doctor during a pandemic and doing virtual school with my kids, I don’t have a lot of time. But with this referral link, it’s easy for me to copy and paste it on social media and have people click on it and sign up when they can,” she adds.

Dr. Harbaugh also points out that her fellow doctors are more likely to sign up with a survey panel organization when they hear about it from a colleague. Having the source vetted makes someone more likely to sign up, she explains.

‘Multiplying your power to help people’


In 2020 alone, Dr. Harbaugh referred roughly 100 people to All Global Circle. Although she appreciates the cash benefit, she acknowledges that the All Global Circle survey content also keeps her engaged.


“The surveys are always interesting and I feel like it’s giving me some foresight into the future of my medical field,” she says. “If you’re a doctor who isn’t involved with research and development, this allows you to see some of the new projects coming down the pipeline — all for just a few minutes of your time.”


She also notes the benefits for her colleagues and the survey organizations. In the end, her referrals are helping out more than just her bank account.


“When I do one eye exam, I’m helping one person. But when I share my referral link, I can help several people make extra money for their families. I can also help the survey company get a better sample of respondents,” she explains. “Being a referral partner can multiply your power to help people.”


Refer your healthcare colleagues today


Have a colleague in mind that would be perfect for our panels? All you have to do is go to your All Global Circle account, hit “Refer a Colleague” and submit their contact info. We’ll do the rest. Once they’re verified, keep an eye out for that extra $25 (or the equivalent in your country’s currency) credit in your All Global Circle account.

If you want to learn more about becoming an All Global Circle Partner, please contact us.

Not yet an All Global Circle member? Sign up today!



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