10 questions about All Global Circle’s referral program

Have a healthcare colleague that would be perfect for All Global Circle’s panels? Our referral program makes it easy, plus we’ll pay you cash. Learn more.

Whether you’re a seasoned panel member or new to medical surveys, you probably realize all of the great benefits  that come with becoming a member of All Global Circle. But, did you know that you also can receive benefits for referring a colleague?

When you refer someone to All Global Circle, you’ll not only receive a referral bonus, but your colleague will receive one as well. That’s additional cash on top of our other benefits and premium rewards that come with being one of our panel members.

Referring a colleague to All Global Circle is simple and easy, plus who wouldn’t want a little extra income?

Here are ten FAQs to help you get started and learn more about our referral program:


1. What is the All Global Circle referral program and how long has it been around?


Since 2017, All Global Circle has offered a referral program exclusive to All Global Circle members. Any member, once verified, can get started taking surveys and refer their colleagues to join All Global Circle. Additionally, both the member and the verified, referred colleague will receive bonuses.


2. How does an All Global Circle member refer someone to the panel?


If you are an All Global Circle member, you can log in to your account and click the “Refer a Colleague” button to reach the referral page. On that page, you can enter your colleagues’ names and email addresses.

Once you submit your colleagues’ contact info, we’ll send them an email invitation explaining how they can create an All Global Circle account.


3. Who can I refer to the panel? Are there certain requirements?


As long as your colleague is working or practicing as a healthcare specialist, we encourage you to invite them.

We love having a diverse range of members participate in our panels. It gives us more robust survey data and helps fill the wide range of panels that we offer. So don’t shy away from inviting someone — the more the merrier!


4. What are the benefits ($/£/€) for referring someone to the panel?


Once we verify your referred colleague, they’ll officially become an All Global Circle member. After the verification process, you and your referred member will receive a $25 bonus each (or the equivalent in the member’s currency).

For every verified member that you refer, you will receive this $25 (or the equivalent in your country’s currency). This bonus will be credited to your All Global Circle account and paid out weekly.

At All Global Circle, we’re prepared to pay cash to our members who help us expand our reach and collect vital survey data. Without our members, we wouldn’t be able to provide the critical survey data that we do.


5. Do I still receive referral benefits if the person I referred to All Global Circle doesn’t get chosen for a survey?


Yes! The $25 bonus (or the equivalent in the member’s currency) doesn’t depend on survey participation. As long as the referred member is verified, you both will receive your bonuses.


6. What is an All Global Circle partner? 


All Global Circle’s Partner Program began in May 2020 and is separate from our regular member referral program. All Global Circle offers partnerships to our members who recruit a high number of new members. While every member of All Global Circle can use our referral program, only the top-performing recruiters become partners.


7. How does All Global Circle support their partners and help them get referrals?


All Global Circle’s partners are our rockstar recruiters. We want to make sure we set them up for success and compensate them for their efforts. Depending on how many referrals a partner can recruit, we offer extra support through personalized links and landing pages.

If a partner has a list of approximately fifty contacts, we offer a unique recruitment link. The partner can create their own campaigns, share them on social media channels and send the invites and reminders without any limitations.

A partner might also be an industry influencer who has a website or blog. In these cases, the partner’s recruitment efforts happen continuously and they may need more help with managing referrals. For these partners, we create campaign pages, organize the campaign pipeline and provide the reference links to the partner. Since we create the campaign flows, we send them reminders and try to onboard those contacts.


8. What are the referral rewards for an All Global Circle partner?


Like the regular member referral program, we offer a $25 (or the equivalent in the member’s currency) bonus for both members.

In addition to the $25 bonus the referred colleague receives when joining, we give them another $25 once they’re verified. A referred contact can provide their proof of specialty and/or IDs to speed up the verification process. That is a total of potentially $50 (or the equivalent in the member’s currency) for the new, referred member.

When a referred colleague has more incentive to join All Global Circle, that means you’re more likely to have a successful referral and receive your cash bonus.


9. Is there a limit to the number of referrals a member or partner can submit?


For a regular member, if you’re using the All Global Circle web portal and are not a partner, you can send three invites simultaneously. You are able to send a total of twenty invites per week. This means you could have a potential bonus of $500 (or the equivalent in the member’s currency) per week if we can verify all of your referrals.

For partners, you have an unlimited amount of invites you can send per week using your personalized links and/or pages. That’s a limitless amount of potential bonuses and added income. However, we encourage partners to make sure they’re respectful of their contacts and not spam them with invites.


10. What is the most a physician has made through the AGC referral program? 


In 2020, the most a member has made through our referral program was $3,566 (about £2,600/€3,015). Although our partner program is only a year old (started May 2020), a single partner has earned slightly more than $15k (about £10,933/€12,680).


Start referring healthcare colleagues


Have a colleague in mind that would be perfect for our panels? All you have to do is go to your All Global Circle account, hit “Refer a Colleague” and submit their contact info. We’ll do the rest! Once they’re verified, keep an eye out for that extra $25 (or the equivalent in your country’s currency) credit in your All Global Circle account.

Referring a colleague is quick and easy, plus who couldn’t do with a little extra spending money?

Not yet an All Global Circle member? Sign up today!


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