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Have questions about physician medical surveys? Check out All Global Circle’s answers to these ten common questions.

You’ve probably heard about a colleague taking medical panel surveys in their spare time to earn some extra income. Or, you may have read about them on the internet. But what are medical surveys and how do you get started? You might be intrigued but wonder if you qualify or if your privacy is protected.

Here are some commonly asked questions that can help provide you with those answers (and more) – so you can start earning extra money for your medical expertise.


1. What are medical surveys for physicians?


There are many companies and industries out there that want to learn more from the expertise of physicians like you. Healthcare professionals have specialized knowledge of both in-field and research experiences, which can help drive market research. To get inside your head, that’s where medical surveys come in.


Medical surveys are panels physicians like you can share your unique perspectives – how you interact with patients, your opinions and your predictions for the future of the industry. Since physician insights are highly sought, many medical surveys (like All Global Circle) will pay you for your input


Medical surveys, like the ones we run at All Global Circle, give you a valuable opportunity to share your opinions, ideas, and observations with pharmaceutical and research industries and other healthcare professionals. Your responses can help shape the future of healthcare and bring the most needed and effective products to the market. Pharmaceutical companies, for example, can use your insights to drive new research and product development.


We work with global research companies and agencies across Europe, North and South America and the Asia-Pacific region. Our clients range from large well-known companies to smaller niche and boutique research agencies.



2. What are the benefits of taking medical surveys?


Earn extra income without spending more hours at the clinic


Life as a healthcare professional can get pretty hectic with a busy schedule. If you want to earn some additional cash in your pocket, taking surveys is an easy way to do so. Completing them in your spare time or between appointments can add up. The more surveys you take, the more your cash payout will be.


Share your medical expertise


Taking medical panel surveys allows you to share your ideas and knowledge. Your responses will help shape the future of the healthcare industry. Day-to-day clinical work might not let you be as big a part of research as you’d like. This way, you’ll be directly influencing vital research, without the long-term time commitment.


Gain insights into the industry and improve patient care


While taking the surveys, you’ll get glimpses into cutting-edge treatments, studies and research that are coming down the pipeline. Although most panels request that the contents of the study remain confidential, you still get those insights to guide your practice. Your responses will also directly affect future patient care and potentially thousands of lives.

Learn more about the benefits of joining a paid medical survey panel, like All Global Circle.


3. How much will I get paid to take medical surveys?

At All Global Circle, we offer cash for completing our surveys and referring colleagues, along with redeeming honoraria for gift cards and other premium rewards. If you sign up today, you’ll also get a $50 bonus (or the equivalent in your country’s currency) just for registering and completing the All Global Circle validation process. Regardless of if you qualify for a study, you’ll still receive this signup bonus.


4. How long will the surveys take to complete?

Survey time and the number of questions can vary depending on the specific study and should be communicated to you before you begin. Some surveys can take as little as five to 15 minutes to complete. On average, it should take around 30 minutes to fill in your answers for most studies. Companies also have to make sure the results are meaningful.

You may be offered a longer study based on your qualifications, but with any of the surveys, you have the option to decline the invitation. Just know, typically, the longer a survey is, the more you will get paid for completing it.


5. How frequent are the surveys?

The frequency of the surveys offered to you depends on whether you meet the qualifications, areas of interest and specialized expertise. Many different companies are also conducting various studies all the time. For example, since cancer is a major topic and there is a lot of research on it, oncologists might see more surveys more often.

There could also be an overlap of studies, where you’ll receive many invitations in the same period, or possibly a potential lull. That’s why it’s important to always check your inbox or log into your account to make sure you’re up-to-date on the survey openings.

If you’re an All Global Circle member, we’ll invite you to participate in studies as they become available to you. And, to make sure your inbox isn’t overwhelmed with survey requests, we rotate who we invite to participate in studies without having you miss opportunities.


6. What are the requirements for qualifying for medical surveys?

Medical surveys geared towards physicians require that you at least be a healthcare professional. This will be confirmed when you go through the verification process. Qualifying for the studies is based on the information you provide on your application, the verification process and the areas of interest you put in your profile. This can include your healthcare field, position or specialization.

Each survey will have different requirements based on what the study is trying to accomplish. For example, if a study is interested in learning about the experiences of an ophthalmologist, a cardiologist won’t qualify since they’re not in that field.

All Global Circle’s verification process is all-inclusive and stringent. We want to make sure our members are perfect for the panels they’ll participate in and provide exceptional responses. Even though we accept a wide range of clinicians from different backgrounds, we also ensure that all are healthcare providers to avoid skewing survey data.

Interested in seeing if you qualify? Complete our registration form, and we’ll contact you either by email or phone to verify your credentials. If your account is verified, you’ll start receiving survey invitations right away as an All Global Circle member.


7. Do I get benefits for referring colleagues?

Yes. Some medical survey companies offer a referral program, where you receive rewards for referring other healthcare colleagues.

If you have a healthcare specialist colleague, All Global Circle offers cash bonuses to you and the referred colleague for every member you refer. As long as the referred colleague passes our verification process, you each will receive a $25 bonus (or the equivalent in the member’s currency). We even offer a Partner Program that rewards our rock star recruiters with more extra cash earning potential.

Learn more about All Global Circle’s referral program and Partner Program.


8. What type of surveys can I expect?

Medical survey topics depend on what exactly the study is looking to achieve. The topics can range between treatment options, specific diseases, product use and development, patient outcomes, your experience working in your practice, your specialty area and much more. For example, at All Global Circle, studies may focus on prescribing habits, clinical outcomes, patient chart history or unmet needs. Basically, if it has to do with the healthcare sector, there’s probably a study on it out there.

Based on your qualifying standards set in your account when you registered, surveys will be selected using profiling data to match you with studies that are right for you.

Most studies are online, but sometimes telephone interviews are offered too. This makes them easy to complete by just using your smartphone.


9. Is my privacy protected?

Research studies need to assure their respondents that their answers and information are confidential to uphold the integrity of the study. If you are interested in a medical survey company or a study, make sure you read their privacy policy before committing and handing over your information.

Your privacy is All Global Circle’s top priority. All of the registration information you provide us and your responses to any study questions will remain anonymous and completely confidential at all times. If you ever feel uncomfortable when you are taking a survey, you can opt-out of that panel. See our full privacy policy and terms and conditions.


10. How do I get started?

There are many medical panel survey companies out there for physicians. The trick is finding the right one that fits into your busy schedule and is worth your time. Plus, finding ones that pay for your responses is an added bonus.

All Global Circle might be the right one for you. It only takes a few easy steps to create an account. Click the Join Now button on our website and complete the registration form. If a colleague sent you a referral invitation, please use the link in that email to register so that you both get the cash bonus.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be put through the verification process. As soon as you’re verified, you’re officially a member and can start earning extra income for completing our surveys.

Take the next step and tap into your earning potential.

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